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To The Fat Person Googling Jiu-Jitsu

Julia has posted another excellent article on her JiuJiuBJJ.com blog, which I quote below. While her title is aimed at those of us with more fat than we find fun, everybody has something they are dealing with. I think you’ll find her matter-of-fact advice useful no matter what your baggage might be.

“Yes, you, the person wondering if you’re too fat to do jiu jitsu (spoiler: you’re not!). We don’t know each other, so you wouldn’t know it now, but I was really fat when I started jiu jitsu, and I’d like to have a heart to heart…

If you want to do jiu jitsu, DO IT! NOW!
No one says “Oh man, I’m glad I didn’t do that thing I really wanted to do, because then no one laughed at me.” Instead, they say “Oh man I wish I had done it. It’s SO STUPID that I didn’t do it out of fear people would laugh.” When you start pandering to your fears, they will overrun your life. They will hold you back from greatness. They will haunt you. Simply accept – okay – some people will laugh, and if they do, I’ll know they’re a shitty person…

Your path in jiu jitsu, as well as every other white belt’s, is a hard one. You have extra emotional crap you may have to deal with, but if you plan for it, I believe it will make for a better BJJ experience.”

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