BJJ Globetrotters, Christian Graugart

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Globetrotters

The members of the team share a common set of values:

– We don’t pay each other any affiliation fees
– We wear any patches we like on our gis
– We are free to represent any (or no) team in competition
– We encourage training with anyone regardless of affiliation
– We are willing to promote anyone who deserves it—members or not
– We arrange camps, seminars and visit each other for training and fun
– We believe everyone is equal both on and off the mats
– We strive to enjoy life, people and the world through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Review of Belts

I’ve been testing out my new purple belt from So far, so good! I was looking for a second belt, since my first one kept ending up wet in the wash when I needed it for class. (Wash your belts, people!) Never having had a hemp belt, I thought it’d be nice to try one.

The belt is not thick but it’s not a thin rag either. Although the cloth is medium in thickness, it’s still heavy in weight. I imagine it’s because the hemp weave is denser than ordinary cotton. I like a thick, heavy gi and want a belt to match. This one will do nicely.

Another nice feature is the texture, which you can see in the photo. The weave of the fiber grips itself when you tie it on, preventing slippage. You end up wasting less time retying your belt.

After several washings, there was a small amount of shrinkage, a very small amount–less than I’m used to with cotton belts. It’s something you might want to consider when selecting a size. Hemp is not going to shrink much. I’ve also had some color bleed when washing my gi and belt together. It wasn’t bad, but I now have a few purple highlights showing up on my white gi pants. After the first few washings there were no more color issues. Something to remember before putting any new belt into action.

Adrienne Adams is the founder of the company, and I think she’s got a good thing going here. In the future I’ll definitely be buying belts from again, and look forward to trying one of Adrienne’s gi as well.

BJJ Purple Belt


The Long, Dark Teatime of the Roll

Constructive commiseration for hard times.

“I’m in that place again: The dark teatime of the roll. I end up here every now and then, and I don’t like it, but it’s part of my life and my grappling journey. It’s that place where I think about the recent past and look to the immediate future and draw the same conclusion: I’m not getting my training in, and I’m not going to anytime soon, at least not to the level I’m used to and prefer.”

– Dirk Gently, oops, I mean Valerie Worthington.

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BJJ and Gender: Being A Newbie Gal with PTSD

From Jiu Jiu’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blog.

The guys who won’t train with you because you’re too easy for them. Guys who won’t train with you because you’re a woman. Guys who won’t meet your eyes. Guys who treat you like you’re a flower. Guys who treat you like a threat to destroy. Guys who are afraid to touch you. Guys who are afraid to lose to you. Guys whose wives are threatened by you. Guys who think you’re hitting on them. Guys who hit on you.

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