Stephan Kesting's Dynamic Kneebars DVD

Dynamic Kneebars, Stephan Kesting


1. Introduction and Principles
2. Kneebar Entries
3. Counters and Re-Counters
4. Kneebar Drills
5. Strength Training

6. Credits
7. Promotional Teaser

Items of Most Particular Interest

  • Kneebar Drills 1:15:00
  • 4: Crossface re-counter cycle 1:20:00
  • Strength Training 1:21:12


Dynamic Kneebars
by Stephan Kesting

This exciting new video covers all aspects of the kneebar. It will take you from white belt to black belt level for one of the most versatile and devastating locks in submission grappling, NHB and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The kneebar is Stephan’s favorite submission, and he has spent many years researching and developing his kneebar game.

In the 89 minutes of detailed instruction, you will learn:

Important kneebar strategies principles and variations

Over 30 entries to this submission, from all positions

Over 20 counters and re-counters, to make you a complete fighter

4 important drills to make the kneebar instinctive and effective

The 5 best strengthening exercises for powerful kneebars

Tons of competition footage to show you how these techniques are applied under pressure

As is the case with all Grapplearts products this video is professionally edited and packed with information to improve your ground game. We are confident that if you compare us on a dollar-per-useful-technique basis that you cannot do better than this video

Almost twice the length of most other instructional videos, this professionally produced DVD has a full menu for easy navigation.

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