Starter Strategy for Bottom Guard Closed

  1. Sit Up
    1. Hip Sweep
    2. Technical Stand Up
      1. Countering the Single Leg
  2. Pull Down
    1. Underhook, Flank to Arm Triangle
    2. Underhook, Flank to Top Mount Back
  3. Spin Round
    1. Spinning Sweep
    2. Spin to Arm Bar
  4. Guard Open Level
    1. Scissor Sweep
    2. Triangle Choke
  5. Guard Open Unlevel
    1. Double Ankle Sweep
    2. Sit Up Deep Seated Spinning Sweep


From Top Clinch Front, pull to guard closed.
Release/Reset with technical stand up.

Bottom Closed Guard Sit Up Choke

From the sit up sweep (hip sweep) to the sit up collar choke, deep collar choke.

Hip Sweep

From Bottom Guard To Top Mount

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Closed Guard Hip Sweep Triangle Guard

Jiu-Jitsu’s Ryan Hall demonstrates moving to the triangle-guard from closed-guard using the hip-sweep.

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Triangle Set-Up From Pendulum Or Hip Sweep

Jiu-Jitsu’s Carter Fisk demonstrates how to set up a triangle guard from closed guard using a spinning (pendulum) sweep or hip sweep.

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